What to do when things get hot!

As we see the pictures and videos of the raging fires in California we are reminded of the destructiveness of fire and it’s ability to destroy forest, homes and lives; however, fire controlled is of much benefit to mankind. It serves as a source of heat, gives us the ability to cook, and light.

Fire is also a purifier. Silversmiths and goldsmiths use fire to cleanse or purify the metal by removing the dross.

Fire is hot! We love it in the winter seasons when it is contained but we do not want it to touch us!

There will be times that going through the fire is necessary! (Clearly, I’m not speaking physically). As we move through life we pick up dirt through experiences and need purification. Yes, it happens to the best of us; therefore, we must embrace the circumstance that bring the heat!

Instead of being afraid of the fire and running from it we should run to it. Yes, it will feel uncomfortable, but understand the process will not last forever!

When you understand the purpose it is easier to allow the process. So when it gets hot go to it and go through it knowing that on the other side you will be pure and increased in worth!

The heat was not to break you but to increase your value!

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