What to Do When Things Get Hot Part 2

There is a story in the Bible, in the book of Daniel, about 3 young men who found themselves in a predicament because they would not bow in worship to an earthly king. Because of this disrespect in the eyes of the king and disobedience to the ordinance they were sentenced to the fiery furnace. Before going to the furnace they were bound; however, after being placed in the fire (and because of the goodness of God) it is reported that they were in the fire walking around free!

I do not know many who would volunteer to go into the fire but sometimes we end up in hot situations. In these times it looks as if we will be consumed and that there is no way out. Therefore, we surmise that this will be the thing that takes us out.

But, I have found that when you determine to live and decide to stand up in the fire you find that it did not come to take you out, but rather to free you!

The furnace is a distinguisher. There are some things that can withstand the heat and others that cannot. It will destroy any and everything in its space that is not tough, strong and durable.

When you come out of the fire you have a new outlook. You see yourself and life in new ways. The mundane and trivial can never tie you up again. You see God as a sustainer, your faith increases and your zest for life is expanded!

The heat was not sent to kill you or even burn you. It was sent to burn off the things that were keeping you down and holding you back.

So, what do you do when things get hot? Go to it, so you can go through it. Stand in it and discover your freedom!

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