Getting to Know You

As the days of life continue I obtain a clearer understanding of who I am and more importantly the significance of knowing myself.  It is essential to know what makes you “tick”.  This is to identify what you like, dislike, makes you afraid, makes you laugh, makes you cry, fuels you and even what stops you in your tracks. It is with urgency that you should get on board with getting to know yourself intimately because when you do, you live life differently.

You may ask why the adjective “intimate” was added and maybe wonder how can one not be intimate with oneself? The answer is most folks have not taken the time to acknowledge or will not admit to the parts of their character and personhood that are not constantly on display.  We bury these things so deep that even we are afraid to awaken them.  We admit only to the traits that refuse to be hidden and bubble up to the surface.  This becomes the version of us that the world comes to know, but when we are at home in our quiet space when no one else is around or can come around; then and only then do we contemplate engaging the hidden us. 

The first question to ask yourself is why? Why do I like this song, this food, this type of person, this job, or this season?  Why do I cry at the drop of the hat in certain situations?  Why do certain things make me laugh? Why am I driven to assist people and expect nothing in return? Why am I afraid to stand up for myself? Why do I always procrastinate?  In determining the why you will inevitably confront the why not? 

Knowing yourself eliminates the conjecturing in decision making.  When you put together the pieces of the puzzle of you and have a complete picture you become sure.   This certainty provides confidence which eradicates the concern with how your decision makes others feel or what their response will be. 

When you are assured that your decisions were made for you ownership of the responsibility of your choices occurs whether they be considered good or bad. The freedom that comes with ownership allows you to live without fear and regret.

I challenge every reader to dare to dive into the depths of you! It’s past time to get to know you! 

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