Essential Things Part 2


Patience is described as the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset. The aptitude to remain even-tempered, operate in self-restraint and composed in the face of distress, misfortune and calamity is derived through much exertion.   It is not the easiest thing to do; but, it is essential. 

The word of God advises us in James 1:4 to “let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing.” [KJV] This tells us that patience must be exercised in us which means that there will be situations that come into our lives that call for patience to be applied.  Interruptions will show up when you least expect them, suffering will rear its head, and travail will walk up to your door, open it and walk in without your permission.  Instead of becoming irate and dismayed understand that patience is being worked in order to make you mature and peaceful.  

The world continues to move in a fast pace. In fact, there is a whole generation of people who have grown up with a microwave oven and have no idea that it used to take more than 8 minutes to cook a baked potato. This same generation does not understand the need to locate a payphone to make a phone call outside of your home or the process of looking a number up in a phone book. The invention of the internet and the smart phone has allowed so many things to be available from the palm of your hand that the concept of waiting seems like something ancient and aloof; let alone the process of enduring through test and trial that could have an unknown ending. This certainly makes the work of patience seem cruel and unreasonable. But let’s look further.

God allows His processes to accomplish the hard work so needful to make us complete. Patience is a much needed and sought after attribute that is beneficial in relationships, business and family. It allow time for growth to occur and transformation to take place. Rushing causes incomplete handling and usually results in disorder.

When we consent to patience having her perfect work we are agreeing to walk into living life whole.

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  1. A word spoken in due time. The final statement: ”When we consent to patience having her perfect work we are agreeing to walk into living life whole.“ says to me that living a life whole is a choice. Thanks for your insightfulness.

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