Essential Things Part 3


A.D. Posey is quoted as saying “There’s nothing like an understanding”.  You can have knowledge and you can know facts, but having understanding is the next level.  Understanding means that you comprehend what you have heard and seen.  It indicates a depth of perception beyond black and white.  It is more than regurgitating information and deeper than having a photographic memory.  Understanding shows that you can take information that you have read, heard, seen and act on it to produce something else.  

In school there are test to determine your level of comprehension of what you read.  It is not a test to see how well you read; but rather, how well you understand.  Many people can read well, but there is a crisis in the area of understanding. 

Most people watch news and regurgitate the commentary, but have no understanding of the policies, laws or issues that are being reported.  We settle on what has been handed to us without being acquainted with the details of the data and no awareness of how it will affect our lives. 

For this reason I am adding understanding to the list of Essential things. 

Proverbs 4:7 King James Version (KJV) advises that “Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.” This tells us with wisdom we also need discernment and prudence.  Discernment is good judgement and prudence is forethought and far-sightedness.  If wisdom is primary and we are to add to it understanding then I have added it to the list of essential things correctly. 

In the weeks to come (before we enter a new decade) let us be mindful of these three things: Generosity, Patience and Understanding. If we add them to our lives we can assure our 2020 will be filled with clearer vision and insight into the lives of others and also provide a clearer view of God’s character lived out in us!

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