When I was a child there was a ghost story that talked about a ghost coming after a girl named Mary.  While Mary laid in her bed one night the ghost called out from the bottom of the staircase “Mary I’m on one step, Mary I’m on the second step”.  The voice kept calling out its location all the way until it got to her room.   It seems trivial now, but as a child the storyteller had the right voice and sound effects to make it seem intense.  They also captured our attention by making it seem possible! Mary was a little girl just like me so it didn’t seem so farfetched.

Footsteps in that scenario elicited fear; however, some footsteps are welcome! Have you ever been in another room and hear the footsteps of a loved one walk from the door towards you?  Instead of anxiety these footsteps bring anticipation of joy and delight. 

Our heavenly Father has ordered footsteps for us to walk in.  They have been preset and he is calling out “[insert name] I’m on one step”.  Our response should be “I’m right behind you”, but instead we are usually lying in bed like Mary wrestling with fear.  This fear is different but it still comes from the place of the unknown.  

We are terrified of the unfamiliar because there is no comfortability in things we have no foreknowledge of.  Inexperience makes us feel unsure and no one likes to be unaware.   However, if we go back to childhood we can understand the complete bliss that comes with the unknown. 

Do you remember the first time you rode a bike without training wheels? Or the first time you went to the beach and felt sand between your toes for the first time? Can you recall the beauty of the sun appearing to dip into the water?  What about your first roller coaster ride? Such a thrill! How about the first time you experienced a job interview and got the job?  All of these experiences were mysterious to you until you did it! 

The beauty in stepping into the footsteps that God ordered is that He has been where you have not.  He is the Alpha and Omega and knows the expected end!  All he ask of us is simply to trust His plans! 

It’s time to move out of our hiding spots in the corner of our room (our personal sanctuary) and step into the footsteps our heavenly Father have prepared. 

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