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Each year I buy a tear off desk calendar for the office.  I love the concept of these calendars for the following reasons:

The Theme – The calendars have a theme and provide the opportunity to learn something new every day of the year.  This year’s theme was Women in History.  It proved to be very enlightening!

The Tear- off Nature- At the beginning of the work day I tear-off yesterday’s page and start the day with a fresh new thought, idea, or piece of information. It provides a sense of separation from all of the other days of the week and from a larger picture, the month. Each day you are only seeing the material for that day, nothing more and nothing less. You cannot look back because the previous day has been discarded. The only thing that remains is the future.

The Terminating- With these calendars the closing of the year is evident.   You can see that the year has moved ahead because what was a large block of paper is now down to a few sheets with only the binding remaining.  The days will come and go but what binds them together is strong and durable.  What binds our days together is determination to cross the finish line. 

As the year draws near to the close we should reflect on what the theme of our year has been? Has it been forgiveness, obedience, or love? Or have you lived a year in regret and bitterness? No matter what the theme of 2019 was the great thing is that you can disconnect from it. You do not have to carry the theme into the New Year and you can start your decade fresh!

In the upcoming year I choose to concentrate on Novelty. In the year 2020 my goal is to have as many new experiences as possible. I am stepping into the unknown to see if there are other things that I enjoy or that I do well. I want to know what my taste are now (as a more seasoned woman). I need to know what I can tolerate and what I cannot. I am ready for fresh encounters, new faces, spaces and places.

In the days to come, I promise to share these things with my blogging audience. I appreciate your faithfulness in my journey to empower the world!

Get Ready for 2020! It’s a year of Bridging, Building, Beholding and Becoming!

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