On A Different Note: 

According to a search of Quora ‘On a different note’ is a phrase people use when they want to tell the person they are talking to that they want to change the topic of the conversation. In public speaking this is called signposting and helps to prepare the audience for the change and avoid confusion.

Typically I post inspirational blogs that are meant to challenge a current mindset, uplift, empower and call the reader to action.  I will continue to do so, but in the coming year I will add a segment regarding a new challenge I’ll be embarking on. 

In 2020 it is necessary for me to concentrate on improving my health. I have been experiencing stiff joints, labored breathing after walking stairs and different conditions that have not been diagnosed. I do not have any significant problems, but I do not want to get to where I do; therefore, I will be starting my journey to an improved me!

I will still be talking about Empowerment Encounters, but in my weekly post entitled On a Different Note, I will discuss the things I’ve encountered to improve my physical being.

I hope you will take this voyage with me.  We can help each other as we learn and grow in some areas and shrink in others! 

I am posting a picture for accountability sake! I look forward to posting every month. This time I will reach my goal of better health! I’m not pressing for a skinnier, curvaceous me (although I’ll take it in the form of results) but I want to be a more vibrant, stronger and conditioned me because the future awaits!

I wish you all the happiness you can handle in the upcoming year!

6 thoughts on “On A Different Note: 

  1. Awesome! I don’t know how you can get anymore gorgeous than you are as you go through your transition of a healthier you, but I look forward to a healthier wife!
    I love you always 😘 BD


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