Save Room for Dessert 

Have you ever been to a restaurant with the intention of eating dessert, but after the appetizer and meal did not have the capacity for the sweetness at the end?  This recently happened to me.  When the menu was presented to me I decided to see what sweetened treats they had before determining what dinner would be. However, once I devoured my salad and the meal I was full; therefore it made since to turndown dessert. 

This is how most of us conduct our lives. The appetizer is the preparation stage of life. It is about exploring new things and seeing what you like. It is a smaller portion and is not meant to complete you, but just start things off. It is often used to curb ones appetite and get you ready for what you really want or what will nourish you.  

When the meal arrives the presentation is always nice.  It is pleasing to the eye, but must be dismantled in order for it to do its job.  In life we are excited when things are delivered to us.  We can be found saying phrases like “it looks like everything is coming together” or “things are finally falling into place”.  Regrettably looks can often be deceiving and it is not until we cut into what is in front of us that we realize what we really have. 

Most of us spend the majority of the time consuming dinner.  We concentrate on what we can intake and will make us full rather than what provides sustenance. We fill ourselves with what is in front of us and soon forget the delicacy on the other side. 

I believe in hard work but I also believe in great rewards; so, I will share a lesson learned from my mother.  When she desires to eat dessert she will do one of two things: 

1.       Order a small dinner 

2.       Order whatever she desires and also ask for a box. 

In our society we are taught that bigger is better, but it can be extremely untrue.  Big debt is never better than small or no debt.  A bigger number on the scale is often times not better either.  We frequently take on more than we can handle trying to “look big” amongst our peers.  We must know that it is ok to take on small bits of life devouring what we can handle at the time while saving room for dessert. 

Dessert is not a necessity and is not beneficial to have with every meal, but every once in a while you should save room for it. Physically there are benefits for some sweet treats such as chocolate. A 2011 Harvard study found that eating a small square of dark chocolate every day lowered blood pressure.  It has also been said that dessert eating can trigger physical activity. Plain and simple it taste good and sometimes you just want to experience something that brings some enjoyable flavor to your life. 

The fact is we only come this way once so we should find some pleasure in life.  So in 2020 I encourage you to try things a little differently and save room for dessert.

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