Routine Changes

Many people depend on routines to keep their lives functioning and chaos free. Routines are a key component of good organization and definitely help with efficiency; but, routines can also become stale. The redundancy can make proceedings appear to happen in a blur and sometimes cannot be recalled at all.

How many times have you driven 20 or more miles to work and cannot remember anything you saw along the way? The monotonous drive morphs together and soon you can no longer pick out the details.

Sadly our lives can be the same.  We get up at 5 AM to exercise, brush our teeth, jump in the shower and get dressed.  Go downstairs, pour a cup of coffee, pack our lunch and head out the door.  If you have children you can [insert name and activity involved in getting them prepared]. Go to the job, work eight hours, drive home, cook dinner, eat, watch television, look on social media, and go to bed.  The following day we start all over again.  For some this happens 5 days others more or less.  The point is after so many days our lives are drowned in routine and have become enormously mundane.  Yes, we carve out the days for our traditions and holidays, but they are the same as well.  This continues until one day we become sick and tired of it and threaten to upset the entire apple cart. We have seen it play out in various ways and with good and horrible results in the lives of many with the extremities often played out on the news or movie screens. 

The way to remedy the results of the repetitive humdrum that routine can cause is to implement routine changes to the routine! 

By incorporating a slight deviation in the day to day norm we can circumvent the consequences of living a predictable existence.  Something as simple as changing the route that you take to work a couple times a week can break up the monotony and also is an effective safety strategy.  Changing your workout routine is beneficial for breaking through weight loss plateaus and also decreasing injury.  Adding color to your wardrobe has the ability to lighten a mood.  Simple things can be very effective.  

Life is short. The current life expectancy in the US in 78.7 years. Eighteen of those years are spent learning and developing at home and then at school. Potentially 4-6 more years of education follows and then on average 31 years of work. This means we have small amounts of time to “smell the flowers” so we have to make the time!

Be encouraged to add a little “spice to life” by taking another route and stopping by a shop that you’ve admired on the way past.  Or trying a new fruit in your lunchbox.  Take a moment to speak to a work associate that you normally walk past.  Break up your normal routine by incorporating routine changes! I assure you it will transform you! 

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