On A Different Note 


For years my husband has preached about being triumphant.  He often says “In order to triumph you must put together both Try and Oomph!  These words have become steadfast truth to me in the last week. 

The first few days last week I felt (for lack of a better word) hype!  I was full of energy and excited to start a new journey.  I had meal prepped and was ready to forge ahead!  But the weekend brought all kinds of feelings.  

I have discovered that it is much easier to stay on a plan during the work week because your days are already scheduled. You know you will be out of the house and preoccupied with matters of business for 8 -10 hours of the day so with the meal prep there is no guess work. It is great to come home to prepared food and the evening is yours to exercise, or relax or do whatever feels best.

The weekend is another thing entirely! The unarranged, free time becomes extremely problematic. As I thought about what I would do for entertainment on Friday night I determined that all of the things I do involve food. If we go to a play we plan dinner before or after the event. This works the same with a concert, church event, or just a date with a friend. I have found that food was an essential part of my social calendar and it is very important that it take on a lesser role.

So this past weekend I had to dig into what I’ve heard and learned and add some Oomph (energy, enthusiasm, vivacity and vigor) to my Try and figure out other ways to have fun and be social without eating out.  

I figured out that one can shop without adding a dining experience.  You simply go to the store and go home.  You can also invite others over and not serve food.  People actually will just sit and converse. 

We tend to add food to events, occasions, happenings because of our emotional bonds to it.  Food simply makes us happy.  We must divorce the soul ties that we have to food and look at it as a source of nourishment and not nostalgia! 

This week’s goal is to continue adding try + oomph so that I can live a lifestyle of triumph.  You should join me! Oh and by the way…. I have lost 6 lbs. 

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