What are you Delivering?

This week I experienced something very interesting.  I visited two women in the hospital on the same floor.  Both had surgery and ended up with a very similar incision, both delivered.  

One friend delivered a 7 pound beautiful baby boy while the other delivered a 7 pound benign tumor!

Both of them had grown what they delivered in their uterus, but the deliveries clearly were very different.  One lady will leave with her uterus intact and a life to lead and enjoy.  The other will leave without a uterus but will have a more enjoyable life now that the organ is removed.

Every day you are delivering something to the environment in which you live.  You deliver through your words and attitudes.  Words are extremely important because they are active.  Matthew 15:11 advises “It’s not what goes into the mouth that defiles a man; but what comes out of the mouth, this defiles a man.” It is what you deliver that tarnishes you.   

You often want to provide an explanation as to what has been happening on the inside.  What you were forced to ingest and how long it has lingered in you.  Unfortunately, although it may have been horrendous it ultimately does not matter to the person who is effected by your delivery.   The person who has to deal with your output is only concerned with its affects. 

You must be careful and mindful of what you are distributing knowing that it has long term implications.  What you deliver will change your life. There is no doubt about it. 

Somethings must come out because they have become a poison to you.  Your job is to make sure these things are properly disposed of.  The baby that was delivered was wrapped in a blanket and laid on the mother’s chest for bonding.  The fibroid was placed in a biohazardous plastic container and put in clearly marked industrial waste container. You must not dress what should be thrown out and ask those around you to hold it!

Be cognizant of what you deliver to the world. Be a source of joy and happiness. Make others respond with “oohs and aahs” instead of gasp of disgust. People should be responding with “isn’t it precious” and “look how beautiful” and not “this is repulsive” or “you’re making me sick”. If your delivery is sullied and spoiled people may never receive from you again! Choose wisely the first time.

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