On A Different Note

Discipline is important. It is a vital characteristic to develop to become successful at anything.

As I journey I’m learning that discipline can be concentrated to one area and does not extend to every aspect of life.

Discipline is something that must be applied in each circumstance where it is needful.

It takes concentration and much effort to train your mind and modify your behavior; but, it is not impossible.

At first, it is forced. You will not like the change. It will not feel good. It will appear to be unnatural and you will question the necessity of it. However, as you continue the changes you institute will become easier to follow and before you know it will seem natural.

I personally have talked out loud to myself advising to keep moving or to walk past an item in a store. I’ve told myself that “it may taste good but it is not benefiting the future me”.

Life changes requires you to engage discipline in trying new things and to acquire fresh taste as well as trying new activities. It will cause aspects of your lifestyle to be altered forever.

All this change can seem overwhelming in the beginning so my advice is to take it a step at a time. I learned this through experience.

I decided I wanted to drink a gallon of water a day. So the first day of my life transformation I started early drinking water with my first bottle down before I got out of bed. I exercised and drank water to rehydrate. I was meticulous about getting ounces in during the work day. I went to the bathroom continuously. My bladder was working overtime and the next day I felt awful. The following day I felt even worse. I determined that adding more water should be a gradual process that allows my body to get used to handling the increased volume. Now, three weeks later I am drinking the water with ease and my body actually craves it.

I’m excited to continue onward. I’m learning new lessons about food and environments but I’m also learning about me!

I encourage you to join me! Start a journey to a better you!

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