On A Different Note 


Last week I was a little preoccupied with a certain transition in my life.  The building I am working in is being remodeled and we are being displaced for about 3 months.  We will be working from home and not permitted to enter the building.  Thus, last week was filled with packing up almost 5 years of “essential” work supplies (which I found was mostly tea and notepads) of which I had in abundance. 

But packing was not all that was on my mind.  Having worked outside of my home for all my adult life I wondered how it would feel to be disconnected from the outside world all day every day.  Of course, I will be connected to my peers through technology.  We will send email and chat messages to collaborate and do our work.  We may even have a few phone conversations; but we will need see each other face to face. 

If you know me, you understand I am a people person.  I thrive around others.  I love to share ideas, conversations, wisdom and to receive and learn from others as well.  I love the energy I get from others and am generally concerned about families and spouses.  I am a connecting type of human being.  I do not like being isolated.  I enjoy community and find it valuable. But I know that everything happens with reason and am a firm believer that “all things are working for my good”.  So, I choose to see the worth of this situation. 

My travelers on this journey know that this is my 4th week on my journey to a better me.  I have opted to not weigh myself every few days because I become frustrated if I do not see the number I hoped too.  So, I will be weighing every two weeks and concentrating on eating clean and exercising.  

I will admit that I have slacked a little in the exercising, but this week am back on track. Working from home has eliminated the morning and evening commute which allows me more time to focus on me.  It removes the stress and irritation that comes with dealing with other drivers and adds additional time to my morning to “get it in”.  So far, it has caused to me have more focus.  I have found that being at home also takes away my excuses that I would conjure up.  

Spending a day by yourself also allows for you to really investigate what makes you tick.  I’m only two days into this and know that I do really enjoy structure.  I’ve gotten up at the same each morning, rolled out of bed and exercised.  I then go to my home office and begin the day by reading email.  

I do believe I will enjoy this new part of my existence for as long as it last.  I hope to be a changed person when I see my work associates again.  I plan to be thinner and in better shape and I am sure I’ll be a little quieter as well. 

Until next time, stay focused and embrace the journey. 

2 thoughts on “On A Different Note 

  1. Knowing you I think you will be all you said you will be in a few months, but quieter I have my doubts.
    I am enjoying following you on your journey.


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