The Promise of a New Day

I am an early riser, always have been with no plans to change.  I enjoy the quiet moments at the dawning of a new day.  The instants before the lights are turned on, the neighbors garage doors start going up and down, and before the alarm clock beeps, sings or whatever it is programmed to do. 

I love to see the rays of the sun begin to seep through the darkness of night and show its radiance.  Slowly, but surely its glory begins to brighten the sky proving that day has come, and it is time to start again. 

I have been privileged to experience 16,609 new days in my lifetime.  Clearly, I do not have a recollection of them all, but I am grateful for each one.  Each day has led to evolution of some kind.  As infants we learn more about the environment that is all new to us.  We recognize sights and sounds gaining clarity with each sunrise and sunset.  As toddlers we gain control of our limbs and command with our motor skills preparing us for writing, building, walking and running.  We discover and master language and begin to communicate with the world around us through words.   The new days are bursting with freshness and potential. It seems evident, tangible and exciting! I am here to inform you that this does not have to change.  Every emergence of another day delivers with it the same hope and possibilities. 

Just as we have great expectation on our birthday or Christmas that someone has thought of us and is going to give us a gift, we must anticipate the goodness that comes with each new day and the prospects that await us.  The day carries with it a bag of treats some of which we want and others we do not.  We gladly accept the things we desire, but overwhelmingly reject the treats that come to us we do not deem favorable and therein lies the problem. 

If we take on the mindset of the late Nelson Mandela who said “I never lose.  I either win or learn” we recognize that even when the day brings us heartache and holds disaster we still do not lose.  We may not experience joy and pleasure with the summoning of our day, but we can still be prepared to discover new methods to overcome and advance. 

We often get bogged down when things do not appear to be moving fast enough or growing quickly.  Therefore, I will take a moment to remind that most seeds are germinated underground where we are unable to see the process in motion. It is not until it peeks out of the soil that we are able to behold the wonder of how it cultivates rapidly with each new sunrise.   

Let’s get our expectation back! It takes courage to spawn a new belief system.  It changes the way you view and interpret everything around you, but I challenge you to do it! I do so because I am positive that you will feel younger and more alive!  In the same way you did when you got a new bike for your birthday and could not wait to get up in the morning to delve into the lesson of learning how to ride; you will find new enthusiasm for your daily routine.  

If you work on a computer, learn a new shortcut.  If you work at a school, learn a new students name.  Find out what is going on in your neighborhood and volunteer to help.  Read a new book and if you love to read like me, explore a new genre, author, or title.  Plan a vacation to a new country or city.  If you cannot afford to do that then go to a new spot in your town that you have never explored. Go at a different time of day to see what happens in that “neck of the woods” then.  

The world is large, and we only have so much time to explore it. Take advantage and get excited about the promise of a new day!

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