Message to Corona

Corona your name may mean crown but I refuse to let you rule

I will remain cautious and diligent to wash my hands and stay away. You won’t play me like a fool!

But, I won’t lose my faith and let go of my peace.

I refuse to allow selfishness to drive me beyond what I really need.

I will stay informed and educated and do my part to prevent your spread.

But I have a life to live so, Corona you can’t be the only thing in my head!

There is still so much to look forward to and plans to make.

There’s love to give and hope to lift our futures are at stake!

Corona you won’t rob us of the joys that are yet to arrive

We will grow stronger. We will get better.

Yes, we will survive!

Be mindful of the good

Don’t concentrate on the bad.

Be grateful “this too shall pass”

And rejoice and be glad!

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