When Your Heart is Overwhelmed

The times that we are living in are trying, can seem devastating and yet they remain stimulating. The question is what are they stimulating? We see that various people deal with the instability and prospective insanity of the days that we live in differently. Some allow the uncertainty and uniqueness of the situations that are present now in our lives to take them in a downward spiral while others use moments like this to draw closer to their family and friends.

Unquestionably, we have all come face to face with a challenge we have never dealt with before and the truth is that whole winning entails many things such as continued financial resources, a well stocked fool supply, and toiletries, our end goal is to not have to deal with the result of what this opponent presents.

Because this opponent has come with tactics that we are not cognizant of it becomes overwhelming. In the past we have dealt with foes that did not have such a big reach and quick punch. We are not novice and battles are not uncommon; however, they are usually fought one at a time. This allows communities and families to come together to fight and bandage wounds, bring healing to each other, reset and restart. But this adversary does not fight fair. It attacks anyone and everyone and goes hard.

Nevertheless, we have a commander who does not just give orders but fights with us and often for us. Therefore, when we are feeling overwhelmed, we must let Him know.

He says in His word that if we need assistance we must just ask. When we are overcome, we must not neglect to request support. This is not the time to try to do it alone or to be afraid. This is not the time to hold back. It is the time to come boldly before the throne of grace! It is the time to shout out unapologetic and to call on the God who is well able! It is the season to remember the great rescues in the bible from Daniel’s deliverance from the lions den to Jesus hanging out in the fiery furnace with the three Hebrew boys.

For those whose hearts have been broken, please know that God is near.  He does not leave us, but he draws closer and is touched by the feeling of our infirmities.  

We must understand that our Lord is with us and is a mighty warrior that saves. He is our rescuer, our deliverer and our redeemer.  We must allow him to be our savior in ALL circumstances. 

It is time to trust in our Lord with all that we have.  We do not have time to lean on our knowledge or comprehension because it is insufficient in this current combat.  God has not promised to remove us from the conditions that bring us grief, but he has promised to be Emmanuel.  He has vowed to be our provider and a very present help in trouble. 

Allow Him to do as my grandfather would say at the end of his prayers, “rest, rule and abide with us; henceforth, now and forever more”.

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