What Have We Learned?

These days are certainly challenging and much different then we would have ever imagined a year ago and even a quarter ago. There is no return to normality as we learn to live through global crisis, determine best practices and adapt to living more consciously.

As we listen to news reports and press briefings while adjusting to the very real circumstances of our lives I feel it is necessary to document what we have learned.

1. We can ALL be affected, yet deal with the effects of crisis differently.

Having a love one pass away is hard under any condition; however, dealing with loss during a pandemic hits and hurts differently. My uncle Mike was healthy, vibrant and full of life. He was family oriented and loved to be in touch with us through video chatting. Just a week before his death he gave advice about staying positive and not allowing Corona to get you down. I had a life long love for him as he was my first crush (as a 5 year old). He was a mighty fine dresser, loved to dance and interacting with people. He was a disciplined and great employee (having worked 30 years for Chrysler) and loved life. In a family of so many girls (my mom had 6 sisters) are uncles were special to us.

Uncle Mike and I (approximately 30 years ago)

The quietness of the illness and the lack of acknowledgement of its validity in the early days of its onset caused it to sneak up on the best of us and change our lives permanently.

Besides the tragedy of someone you love being “gone too soon” the real misfortune with COVID-19 is the inability to gather with family to mourn and comfort each other. There are no “Celebrations of Life” or memorial services. Just the announcement that they lived and are now gone.

What makes these horrible truths even worse is that as the death toll continually ticks up many still refuse to take this seriously and do not follow basic standards to keep themselves and others safe.

As a nation and as citizens of the world we are all affected. But sadly the lack of intimacy to the pain of it seems to play out over and over in a display of noncompliance to orders and a deafening ear to sound judgment.

Even worse the notion of “returning to normal” without proper protocols in place (like testing) is irresponsible and extremely concerning.

We can all be affected. 60,000 American citizens dead affected; however, if one of those was not your father, mother, spouse, uncle, aunt or child perhaps it’s just a number.

How should the affects of this effect us? We should understand that we are partners in the earth (I use the term because some may not accept that we are brothers and sisters). We must do what is right and best for ALL of us and not “my four and no more”. Let us be mindful of what connects us and protect ourselves in order to make it possible for us all to live, love and laugh again.

We should learn from history and take the appropriate precautions and in the words of an old Spike Lee Joint “Do the Right Thing”.

Uncle Mike and I last year

5 thoughts on “What Have We Learned?

  1. Oh Pastor Jo this is so well stated and I can’t stop crying while I’m reading it I wish I could get this out to the world but at best I will forward it to everyone I can

  2. Crying as I read this . It is so true and I. Wish people would see how real the virus is. It is no joke.

  3. Well written Jotwayla you got me in tears. Thank you for forwarding it to me. My Dad is truly missed not a day goes by that I don’t think of him. My new normal just doesn’t seem right without him. Praying for better days

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