What Have We Learned Part 2

2. Change has invited itself. Will you embrace it?

Have you ever had an unexpected guest show up at your door? You’re sitting at home minding your own business, performing your regular routine and all of a sudden your doorbell rings or you hear a knock at the door? The first thought that comes to mind is “I wasn’t expecting anyone”. The second thought “I’m not prepared”.

In the Spring of this year we all received an unexpected visitor that we were not expecting, nor were we prepared for. Unfortunately, instead of having the option to sit back on the recliner and ignore the ringing and continue walking out our normal path, this visitor bogarted its way into our lives and changed the way we live!

All of our lives have changed. There is no one who has escaped untouched. We are affected by the loss of tens of thousands of lives some near and others distant. We are affected by the limitations of places we can go, treatments we can receive, and by the new boundaries enforced of physical closeness.

The trickle down affects every portion of society and the intimate parts of our existence. It’s unfathomable to see the growing numbers of deaths and comprehend how many are faced with grieving in a time where we cannot offer a warm embrace. Equally hard to see is the millions of people faced with unemployment amidst a changing job market due to unknowable future circumstances.

Although we are confronted with multiplying unknowns we can be certain that change is inevitable and how we deal with it will be the difference maker for the direction of our lives.

Embracing change involves moving forward without loved ones and learning what your new normal is. It requires us to wear masks and gloves to protect ourselves and others. It may necessitate having temperature checks before entering stores, offices, and event centers. We may have to continue attending online concerts and watching sports on television; but, it is worth it because these changes allow us to look forward to a brighter future.

We must focus on the days ahead learning how to engage with everyone’s best interest in mind. When we welcome change, enthusiastically seek new solutions, and operate within appropriate guidelines we move faster into a better tomorrow.

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