What Have we Learned? Part 3

3. Boundaries expose contrasting values

In mid-March many states activated a Stay at Home order and some a Shelter in Place order to protect their citizens from the spread of Corona virus. These orders essentially brought a sudden stop to our way of life, but assisted in our ability to stay alive!

However, differences in opinion on various fronts cause these orders to come into question. Invoking inquiries such as:

Is it better to continue to gather and build natural immunity?

Is mental health just as important as physical health?

Will our lives be the same if our economy fails?

A boundary is described as a a line that marks the limits of an area; a dividing line. We have seen how differently confines are viewed as the seemingly simple process of staying home has been the topic of many conversations and the cause of picketing and protest.

Many feel that they have reached their limits and complain about the inability to earn the income they are accustomed too. Some are having a horrible case of cabin fever and others believe their rights have been infringed upon.

These invisible lines are wanted and viewed as necessary when it is convenient for those who want to keep certain sectors closed off and contained; however, on an even playing field boundaries may not seem fair. But is it fair to move the boundary lines only when they are not working for you?

We have learned that changing times uncover the hidden thoughts of those we know as family and friends. Boundaries are seen positively by some and negatively by others. Are they necessary? Absolutely! Should they be amended? In some cases, Absolutely!

Will we all ever agree? Probably not.

2 thoughts on “What Have we Learned? Part 3

  1. My daily reading of Proverbs uncovered this verse. It gave me a pause…even God does social distancing😊 Proverbs 15:29 (MSG)
    GOD keeps his distance from the wicked;
    he closely attends to the prayers of God-loyal people.


  2. You always say what I would love to say but, not quite sure how to articulate thank you for voicing what we are thinking so eloquently 👏👏👏


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