Finding Your Voice

I’ve been quiet for a little while. So many thoughts have been rushing around in my head during the last few months that I needed to find my voice again. I bet many of you feel the same.

What am I supposed to do? What part do I play in the year 2020? Where do I fit in the structure? How can I help promote change?

My inference:

I have been empowered to empower! That’s what I bring to the table and that has not changed. When everything is changing around you it is vitally important to stand in your calling, or simply put, remain you!

The times may call for a more aggressive or agreeable version of you. They may require that you speak out and up; but, give the audience your viewpoint in your way.

People are looking for authenticity. It is in your genuineness that legitimacy is established and your heart is heard. Taking on a radically different persona will trip people up and make them question who you are rather than listen to what you’re saying.

We are all here to reach and teach someone. We all have a platform and an audience (even if it is of one). We all have a voice and should use it effectively.

It is crucial in the days ahead that we use our voices to empower and promote change. We must enlighten those around us because some simply do not know and really don’t understand. We must not use our voices to belittle and drag others through the dirt, but we should stand in our truth and share it with love.

Our voices are important as each of us have different experiences that provide (even if small) distinct perspective and each viewpoint is relevant when working to promote transformation.

Be the best version of you in the days ahead. Find your voice and use it!

One thought on “Finding Your Voice

  1. Such a timely message! Well stated thank you for hearing and speaking straight from the heart of our Lord!


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