Mending Fences

We have all seen fences in neighborhoods that separate the boundary lines of a property from another. There are multiple reasons why people build fences; but, the top reason is for protection of a family pet to keep it in a safe environment without running off and to keep “intruders” out of the way of the pet.

Fences set boundaries. Boundaries are necessary but not always good because they can also keep you from accessing better!

There are many fences set up in our nation. They have been there from the beginning. The boundary lines were set and seemed to be fair as the intention was to protect the citizens of the nation; however, the intent was wrong because the viewpoint of who was considered a citizen was corrupt.

The fences were erected with the mindset that certain people groups were the wild intruders and worked to keep them outside of the protected places.

These fences are old (244 years). They are weathered, battered and antiquated. They are unjust and need some serious work.

A fence can not be erected in the “land of the free and the home of the brave” that only protects a portion of the inhabitants and leaves the others on the outside.

We all understand the need for fences; however, our nation cannot be discriminatory regarding who gets to be inside. The fences should protect all Americans and not a selected few and provide equal access to everything inside.

We cannot even consider a border wall when our fence already needs mending. The current fence needs expanding, extending and in some spots effacing with new construction.

Our nation has work to do. It’s past time to mend the fence.

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