Submission vs. Subjection

There is a vast difference between submission and subjection. But the words are confused and misused in practice often.

Both words allow for one person to follow the leading of another; however it is the matter of the will that makes the difference.

Our will is a component of the soul along with our mind and emotion. So our will is linked to our temperament and is also a piece of our total well being.

A will can be buried or broken. When we think of burial we automatically think of death but buried also means to conceal; to cover up. Submission happens when one chooses to lay down their will; to conceal it and cover it to execute another’s.

On the contrary, a broken will is one that has been damaged, fractured and split. It comes by force and not choice. A broken will results in subjection.

In a marriage according to the Bible wives should submit. But the Bible also speaks of other submissions as well. Husbands and children also must do their parts. Ultimately it ends with all people submitting to God!

Submission should never feel hard, cumbersome or impossible because it is a matter of our will; however, subjection will always feel that way.

When both parties, the one who will be the lead and the one who will be the follower, (which is subject to change at different times and in different roles) understand these words it allows for less friction and hostility and more reproduction.

Proper understanding leads to proper application which allows for great production.

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