Let Your Hair Down

There is a level of conformity that it takes to be successful. There are standards, requirements and rules to follow. Regardless of the profession, there is a level of certainty expected in order to attain the paycheck. You are expected to either work a designated amount of hours or until the project is complete, show … Continue reading Let Your Hair Down

What is Your Why?

Until the moment of transition to the “sweet by and by” we will wake up daily. However, waking up and starting the day are separate functions. Starting the day takes a conscious and deliberate effort to put your mind to work and at some point, your body. We start our day because of our why. … Continue reading What is Your Why?


2020 has pulled back the covers of almost everything we thought to be true, real and stable. What was hidden is now revealed. And what was planned has been forfeited or cancelled. Therefore, it is time to re-evaluate. Employers have reassessed how work is done. Meetings are now online and everything is virtual. School has … Continue reading Reevaluate

Lessons from the PlayGround

Merry-Go-Round I remember clearly sitting on the circular disk gripping the rails tightly, shouting “faster, faster” and giggling with delight. The exhilaration was exponentially increased when a couple of friends joined and we laughed together. It took the strong arms of another person (parent, sibling, or friend) to propel the merry-go-round into the circular motion … Continue reading Lessons from the PlayGround